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Welcome to Drew's Book Nook
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Welcome! Please come in and stay awhile. Whether you are a fan of classic children's literature, or into the latest in Star Wars books and comics, I am sure you will find something to interest you. I am attempting to keep tabs on some of my favorite authors, genres, and some new ones as well! Please check out the pages. I will have book reviews and links to sites of interest. Stop by anytime to see what I have to say!

r eflections of Avonlea
"But, oh, Gilbert, don't let's ever grow too old and wise. . .
   no, not too old and silly for fairyland."
    - Anne Shirley

I first fell in love with Anne Shirley when I saw the wonderful Canadian mini-series based on the first book. Then there was the television series Avonlea. The books are even more charming! Click here for more on L.M. Montgomery and the wonderful world of Prince Edward Island. Hosted by Gil Blythe!


Star Wars
Expanded u niverse
star wars calendar
"The Path has been placed before you, Anakin.
   The choice to take it must be yours alone."
    - Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace

With the release of Star Wars: Episode I, I have a renewed interest in the Expanded Universe fiction. Dark Horse Comics and Del Rey Books continue the stories of our favorite heroes and villains in a time long, long ago.
Click here to go to that galaxy far, far away! Hosted by Drew Karrde.

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